Staff & Associates Of CEIC

CEIC human resource is a carefully combined force full time experts and seasoned associates specialized in major research and training in the areas of monitoring and evaluation, data gathering process, educational policy analysis, capacity building, agricultural economics, industrial economics, environmental economics, health, pastoral community development, fiscal analysis, international trade, regional integration, food security, baseline survey & research design/, field enumerators and supervisors.

Meet Our Team


Mr.Gedion G. Jalata

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Prof. Kassahun Berhanu

A specialist on governance and development issues.

Dr. Tadesse Jaleta

expert on Child protection, participation and qualities of provision

Dr. Messay Mulugetae

Expert on land use planning and management

Dr. Abiot Legese

Land Use Planning Expert

Mr.Abebe Mengesha

Specialist on Human Resource Management

Dr.Elazar T. Balla

Specialist on human nutrition

Dr. Abrham Yohannes

A medical doctor and consultant Obstetrician and Gynecologist

Dr.Melese Mekasha

specialist on education management, law, policy studies and human resource management

Prof. K. Mathews

A Professor of International Relations and specialist on South-South Cooperation including BRCS countries partnership with African countries

Dr. Meseret Alaro

Specialist in women empowerment and adolescent reproductive health activists

Mr. Abraha Weldegerima

Specialist on data collection, data management, monitoring and evaluation.

Mr. Rohit Pal

specialist on business management, project planning, business feasibility study, plan and stakeholder’s management

Dr. Weini Teklu

A medical doctor by profession

Mr. BerheKiros Gebremedhn

Specialist on data collection including smart phones

Mr.Tewodros Berhane

Specialist on environment, agriculture, data collection and analysis including baseline survey, GIS, and remote sensing.