Thematic Focus Areas and Services

The Consultancy Firm provides training, research and consultancy works on diverse socio-economic and development related issues including business feasibility study; environment impact assessment; project design, development, management, monitoring and evaluation (beginning, midterm, and end); socioeconomic issues (poverty reduction, health, education and unemployment); governance, peace and security; private sector development; Africa and Emerging Powers /Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa (BRICS)/ partnership related issues and event planning and management as well as registration of companies and issuing of license and processing resident and work permit. In this regard, the Consultancy Firm provides the following services to its esteemed international and local customers such as public agencies, the private sector and civil societies, local and international NGOs as well as other institutions:

Business Feasibility Study

Business Feasibility Study - an analysis and evaluation of a proposed project to determine if it is technically feasible with the estimated cost and profitable according to the total capital invested.

Environment Impact Assessment

Environment Impact Assessment – to ascertain the impacts of the project’s/factory’s operational activities on the existing environment. There are many possible negative operational impacts on the environment including environmental stress, environmental risk and deforestation. Environmental stress examines the high degree of pressure on the environment caused by the factory’s activities such as land degradation, water or air pollution that affects the surrounding areas and residents. Environmental risk is about actual or potential threat of adverse effect on living organisms by effluents, emissions, wastes, resource depletion arising out of the factory operation activity. It will also see the impact of the project/factory on forest-deforestation.

Project/Programme Design, Development, Management, Monitoring and Evaluations M & E (Ex-Ante- Baseline, Midterm, On-going, Ex-post-End, Impact and Summative) and Learning:

Project/Programme Design, Development, Management, Monitoring and Evaluations M & E (Ex-Ante- Baseline, Midterm, On-going, Ex-post-End, Impact and Summative) and Learning: The consultancy firm hosts experienced professionals in project/programme development, management, monitoring and evaluations and learning with first-hand experience.

Baseline Survey, Data Collection, Processing and Analysis

Baseline Survey, Data Collection, Processing and Analysis on diverse socioeconomic issues such as poverty reduction, livelihood, rural-urban market access, climate change, health (HIV/AIDS and other diseases assessments), education, migration, unemployment, gender, youth and children related issues. The data will be performed by the latest software technology such as Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS); STATA, EPI INFO, R, S+, ODK, CSPro, Survey CTO, ODK and SAS to produce required outputs from the survey: trend analysis, case studies, impacts and proffer policy recommendations.

Event Planning and Management

The Firm has a very experienced staff with high networks at international, continental, regional and national levels with long years of experience as planners, managers and rapporteurs. Previously they planned, man- aged and served as Master of Ceremony (MC) at high level events, meetings and dialogues organized by the United Nations, the African Union, World Bank and Oxfam International among others. In this regard, we kindly

  • Plan, design and successfully manage events; annual meetings; seminars; dialogues; conferences trainings and retreats
  • Facilitate logistics including venue selections; hotel bookings; transportation management and guest handling;
  • Avail resource persons from (universities, government, UN System, Civil Societies and Private sector) including speakers, facilitators and experienced rapporteurs;
  • Produce high standard proceedings; policy briefs; reports and policy documents;
  • Develop communications strategy; publicise events through our social media and networks; and manage invitations and registrations;
  • We also provide multi-lingual usher services; translation & interpretation and audio/visual, lighting, staging, and special effects support; and
  • Record events i.e., audio and video and produce podcast.