Event Planning and Management

The Firm has a very experienced staff with high networks at international, continental, regional and national levels with long years of experience as planners, managers and rapporteurs. Previously they planned, man- aged and served as Master of Ceremony (MC) at high level events, meetings and dialogues organized by the United Nations, the African Union, World Bank and Oxfam International among others. In this regard, we kindly

-> Plan, design and successfully manage events; annual meetings; seminars; dialogues; conferences trainings and retreats;

-> Facilitate logistics including venue selections; hotel bookings; transportation management and guest handling;

-> Avail resource persons from (universities, government, UN System, Civil Societies and Private sector) including speakers, facilitators and experienced rapporteurs;

-> Produce high standard proceedings; policy briefs; reports and policy documents;

-> Develop communications strategy; publicize events through our social media and networks; and manage invitations and registrations;

-> We also provide multi-lingual usher services; translation & interpretation and audio/visual, lighting, staging, and special effects support;

-> Record events i.e., audio and video and produce podcast.