Baseline Survey, Data Collection, Processing and Analysis

on diverse socioeconomic issues such as poverty reduction, livelihood, rural-urban market access, climate change, health (HIV/AIDS and other diseases assessments), education, migration, unemployment, gender, youth and children related issues. The data will be performed by the latest software technology such as Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS); STATA, EPI INFO, R, S+, ODK, CSPro, Survey CTO, ODK and SAS to produce required outputs from the survey: trend analysis, case studies, impacts and proffer policy recommendations.

Baseline Survey in all region of Ethiopia as well as in Addis Ababa and Dire Dewa to produce the first Human Rights Status Report in Ethiopia for Ethiopian Human Rights Commission

A Survey on Transnational Knowledge Transfer In Comparative Perspectives: The Cases of Eastern Industrial Zone in Dukem Town and the Ethio-China Agriculture Demonstration Center in Ginchi Town for Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, 2018.

A Research work on Africa-China Agriculture Modernisation Cooperation: Approaches, Challenges and Opportunities for Human Sciences Research Council, Pretoria, South Africa, 2018. The work was completed and launched at Sheraton Pretoria, in South Africa.

African Governance Outlook : Ethiopia , Commissioned by the African Capacity Building Foundation , February 2017.

The African Governance Report (AGR) of the UNECA published by Oxford University Press .It is a survey of political, economic governance, institutional effectiveness, human rights, corruption and capacity development of African countries .AGRI ,2005 ,covers 25 African countries ,AGRII ,2009 ,covers 35 African countries ,AGRIII ,2013, covers ,40 African countries ,AGRIV ,2016 .Staff of Center of Excellence involved in the survey ,review of the country reports as well as continental reports.

The African Union and the UNECA Illicit Financial Flows: Report of the High Level Panel on Illicit Financial Flows from Africa (Mbeki Report),2014

A Study on GO-CSO Principled Partnership and Alliance for Development in Ethiopia ,a Consultancy Report Submitted to the Consortium of Christian Relief and Development Association(CCRDA) ,December 2011 ,Addis  Ababa.

UNECAReportonMainstreamingGovernanceinMineralRichAfricanPeerReviewMechanism(APRM) member Countries,2015---UNECA and OECD’s Mutual Review of Development Effectiveness (MRDE) Report,2013,and 2014.

“AfricanCountries’EngagementwithChinaandOtherPartnerstoAchieveSDGsandAgenda2063”,Oxfam International’s Africa-China Dialogue Platform Report(ACDP),28 September.2016

“Agriculture Development in the Current Africa-China Partnership :Prospects and Challenges ”,Oxfam International’ s Africa-China Dialogue Platform Report(ACDP),2March2016.

“StudyonDriversofSuccessintheComprehensiveAfricaAgricultureDevelopmentProgram(CAADP) in Ethiopia”, Commissioned by TANGO International Inc,USA,July-October 2013.

The African Union and UNECA, the Africa Governance Newsletter,2010-2013.UNECA’sresearchworkandsurveyonGovernanceandEconomicDevelopmentinAfricainComparison With East Asian Countries,2012/2013;

Assessment of the Impact of the Guideline to Regulate the Administrative and Operational Costs of Ethiopian Charities ,a Consultancy Report Submitted to the Consortium of Christian Relief and Development Association (CCRDA),April2013,AddisAbaba.

UNECA’sresearchworkontheComparativeAnalysisofUNConventionAgainstCorruption and AU Conventionon Corruption and Related Offences 2011;

“Evaluation of the Status of the Implementation of the Good Governance Package of the Public Sector Capacity Building Programme of the Ethiopian Government”,Commissioned by the World Bank Country Office ,June 2011-August 2011, Addis Ababa.

UNECA research work on Human Resource Management in Public Services in Africa: Challenges and Prospects for Strengthening the Capacity of Public Services 2009-2010;

UNECA’s research work on Elections and Electoral Systems as well as Diversity Management 2012;

UNECA’s survey work on Assessing the Efficiency and Impact of National

Anti-Corruption Institutions in Africa,2011/12;

Assessments on Perception of Corruption in Africa,2008 to 2015;



UNECA assessment on the Challenges of Governance in Post Conflict Countries: The Case of Sierra-Leone, Ethiopia and Mozambique in 2009;


Research and Dialog(CPRD),November2008-May2009,AddisAbaba.

“DecentralizationandtheStateofCitizenEngagementinDecentralizationProcesses”,Consuy Report to the Ministry of Capacity Building(GoE ) and the World Bank Country Office,September 2004,Addis Ababa.-“Survey of Livelihood Systems in Delanta Woreda,South Wollo Zone,Amhara Region,Ethiopia”,Consultancy Report Submitted to OxfamGB,April 2003,AddisAbaba.

       -“ASocio-EconomicSurveyoftheFarmingHouseholdsontheIrrigationSitesoftheEthio-Italian Cooperation Program for Rehabilitation and Development (EIPRD)”,UNDP Country Office,Addis Ababa,January 1988. 

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